Large and In Charge

We had our anatomy scan (well, Baby Boy has his anatomy scan today)... he is still a boy, which is fantastic since we spent Saturday shopping at the outlets for him. During the 30 minute scan, the technician and the doctor were uttering phrases such as:

If he would only sit still...
Where did he go?
He keeps moving when I want to take a picture...
And, my personal favorite: he's hiding behind his umbilical cord!!!

STORY OF MY LIFE, or at least the pregnancy. He's just in own little world, like his dad. I can just see his preschool report card: "Your child enjoys school, but is often uncooperative and has trouble following directions".

Matt was back at his videography, capturing every in-utero movement that he could but the camera ran out of battery. However, we got a few pictures:

As the photo says, this is of his face looking at us. Yeah, it's a bit scary. You're actually looking at the eye socket and muscle... he should get cuter in the third trimester when he starts getting some meat on his bones!

See... he's a boy!

And, here is the adorable profile pic... isn't he wonderful?? I love him!

Here is what else we learned... we got a big baby!! He's one pound, and on average, he is already measuring about a week-and-a-half ahead of schedule. In particular, he has inherited the Franck trait of a massively large head. (Thanks, Matt- I really appreciate that.) So, he's big- really big. And yes: I will be hooked up to an epidural the second I go into labor :) But, we love our biggun, and can't wait to see all him in about 20 weeks!!

Jean  – (February 5, 2010 at 3:14 PM)  

I love that profile pic!! Super cute :) I have the anatomy scan coming up the first week of March... I have never thought of bringing our camera to get video. I'm totally doing that!

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