Half Full

The Olympics are half-way over, so we thought we should check-in and show our map. We are finding it difficult to keep-up on the current medal count because of the time change. (And I swear, I am about to burn facebook because of all of the spoilers people put up during the night. I know you're all excited about Bode, but I have at least 3 hours before I can watch that race). ANYWAY, here is where and here is our map, which was accurate last night.

Highlights so far include:
  • Plushenko's hissy-fit over his silver medal... but I guess I'd be cranky too if I had a mullet and had to go home to Russia. Oh, and the costumes those men wear... nothing says "athlete" like hot pink sequins, patent leather, and feathers.
  • Canada vs. USA in hockey... we had to go to a sport's bar to watch this and happened to sit in the Canada section- made the victory that much more sweet, eh?
  • The bob-sled outfits; who knew line backers could fit into spandex? Ewwwwwww....
  • Any and all USA gold medals.
  • The ski and snowboard cross races!! We keep waiting for all four of the competitors to crash at once so they all have to get up and untangle themselves to finish the race.
  • The hype behind this ice dancing garbage- how in the world is that a sport?? It is ballroom dancing on ice. It might be fun and pretty- but it's not a sport. It has a "twizzle" section- it's a hobby.
Tonight is a down night, but we're looking forward to the ski jumping and Canada vs. US in curling. To help move the night along, we will also be making our own gold medals while eating a cherry pie (it is George Washington's birthday, after all). Oh- and we'll be sorting through a small part of our 1 car garage that is loaded to the brim with boxes.

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