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This just in... there is a new sport being added to the Olympics!! It's called de-oculation. What is "de-oculation"?? It's where an athlete chews the bejeebus out of some poor stuffed-animal's eyes, eventually ripping them out and eating their insides. And who is the the US's start athlete?? Non other that our sweet Gerdy.

Gerdy is 15 pounds of chewing mania. With her sharp teeth, puppy energy, strong jaw, and sheer determination, she makes an incredible "athlete". Here are some of her recent victories:

Duckers: He was Hula's love and life; she would look longingly into his eyes day and night. But now Gerdy has removed (and swallowed) both of his eyes, effectively making him a Bilateral Anophthalmiatic (medical term for no eyes...). Hula is less than thrilled.

Winky the Emu: This mutated emu had survived 8 years without a single scratch. But he was no match for Gerdy's athleticism. Like Duckers, Gerdy chose to celebrate her victory by ingesting his eye. This is what Winky should look like on BOTH sides of his head.

The Monkey: This was the car-seat we forced Hula to use on our first cross continental move, but he has become Gerdy's most recent conquest. She mutated Mr. Monkey into a mono-ocular mammal, but was unable to swallow his massive eye. She did, however, eat the stuffing.

The funniest thing about Gerdy is how secretive she is about this chewing- we have never, ever, ever seen her in action. We just notice when buttons, zippers, and body parts are missing. The only thing we have ever caught her doing is licking zippers... it's as if she's luring them into her lair of craziness or prepping them for their demise. I've recently noticed her licking the piping along our upholstered furniture with the same, crazy look in her eyes... could be trouble...

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