Ain't It Grand

We've been busy around here... busy with diapers, laundry, and meeting lots of family and friends!! Levi has now met all of his grandparents, the Franck boys, his aunt Julie (who is married to a Franck boy), and Amanda (who is dating a Franck boy). We're currently enjoying the Franck family for the weekend so we'll have lots of pictures up from their visit soon. But here are my parents with their first grandchild, Levi:

Levi with my mom. She's still not sure on her "grandma name"... she was thinking of "Mamo" since that's what she called her grandma, but can't really settle on it. If she doesn't pick one soon, she'll be subject to whatever Levi comes up with and will have to live the rest of her life as something horrible like "Grandma BooBoo". Levi loves his Grandma, and I'm pretty sure that Grandma loves Levi, too... she requests pictures of him daily, sometimes several times a day. But I can't blame her; Levi is pretty amazing. See how clean our floors are in this photo? That's all thanks to Grandma who worked hard cleaning them- thanks!!

Levi with Papa!! My dad was smart and settled on his "Grandpa Name" a long time ago. For those of you who don't know (or haven't put it together, yet), we chose Levi's middle name after my dad, Thomas (he goes by Tom - and my brother is named after my dad but goes by Tommy - Levi goes by Levi). I love my dad and am excited that Levi carries his name; I think my dad's pretty excited, too. Levi doesn't look that excited yet, but I'm sure he will be when he's older.

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