Saturday's To-Do List

  • Wake Up (and drag Matt out of bed).
  • Find some clean towels and shower.
  • Get house ready for the painters who have taken 6 days to paint a room and a hallway.
  • Call landlord- make her supervise the painters who disappear for 2 hrs at a time.
  • Tell puppies that we love them, even though they're trapped in our bedroom.
  • Go to a flea market looking for a desk, TV stand, and kitchen table. Come home empty handed, but celebrate silently as I now get to order the pieces I want online.
  • Buy new sheets and pillows at Macy's.  Marvel at the sales person who brings over stripped, embroidered, and polka-dotted bed skirts when I repeatedly tell him, "plain white".
  • Return sea salt for new wooden spoons. Realize that my sheer excitement over wooden spoons is totally inappropriate.
  • Try to buy a dishwasher, because I am not a dishwasher.
  • Learn that we have to special order said dishwasher and that it will take 3 weeks for our dishwasher to arrive. Cry uncontrollably to myself.
  • Send Matt to Best Buy to order the dishwasher.
  • Order a plain white bed skit.
  • Order desk, tv stand, and kitchen table.
  • Research birthday gifts for Jackson's first birthday (don't worry John and Julie- it will be quiet and compact).
  • Watch the play-offs and laugh at Bob Costa's bad dye job. 
  • Finally do some laundry- 3 loads people. 
  • Make dinner (shepherd's pie).  
  • Wash dishes by hand... tear...
  • Decide that the boxes will not win... unpack them with a purpose.
  • Go to bed in our new sheets!!

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