This Whole Long Island Thing

When people hear that we moved to NY, they think that we live in the actual New York City. We tell them that no, we live on Long Island. And, most people assume that we still live in NYC- it kind of makes since, since Long Island is home to Queens and Brooklyn. Again, we tell them, no, we live in a small town in Suffolk county.

OK, maybe our town isn't so small: how small can it really be if our county has 1.4 million people in it? Most of these people have either been born and raised here, or they move out from NYC. We are definitely outsiders here, but we're awesome, so it's ok :) Suffolk county is more residential than Bellevue. The Island's biggest employer is Stony Brook University, so there is little industry, and many people just commute into NYC for work. Our town, Port Jefferson, is about 60 miles away from NYC, and with the traffic, about 1.5 hours by car. Port Jefferson also has a train station for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). Depending on the time, train, and line, we can be in the city in about an hour by rail. And, we love the train- such an ingenious idea to actually have a reliable and efficient mass transportation system (Seattle- are you taking notes??). You just sit, read, reflect, and be silent for awhile. I honestly find it relaxing and don't mind it one bit :)

So, we are by no means city dwellers. We pretend occasionally, but fully embrace our distance from the craziness that is Manhattan.

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