I (Amy) just got back from a wonderful, 8-day trip to London!! I met my mom, Ellen, Aunt Aleece, and cousin Emily for a 5-day Girl's Trip. I love it when we all do something together... we live so far apart and it's great to laugh and play for a few days. We visited the London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe, many parks, St. Paul's, St. Bart's, Westminster Abbey, Sting's house, Madonna's house, Roman amphitheatre remains, and lots and lots of great shopping.All of my photos can be accessed here:

Emily and I on the London Eye. We went on a beautiful day so we had great views of the entire city.

Ellen, Aunt Aleece, and Emily in Sally's (our tour guide) purple mini-van. She served us tea and cake in china as she drove us from site-to-site :)

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