Stony Brook's First Football Game and Our New Friend

We went to Stony Brook's season opener against Colgate tonight, and we blew them out of the water! The Seawolves won 42 to 26. It was a great chance for Amy to meet everyone and be introduced her to the Stony Brook culture. All of Matt's colleagues are extremely nice and the venue is very intimate and family-friendly. We have season tickets, so we're looking forward to an autumn full of college football!

When we got home tonight, we found a new friend. When Matt looked out our back window, he yelled, "Amy, there's a HUGE dog in our back yard!". Indeed there was! Somehow, this old golden retriever found his way into our completely fenced backyard. We called animal control, but they didn't answer, and he didn't have any tags with an address or phone number. We have decided to name him, "Buddy". Buddy was starving and thirsty, but is now fed, hydrated, and relaxing on our sleeping bag in the back yard. He is such a sweet guy... a little nervous, but incredibly sweet. Buddy will go to a shelter tomorrow; we hope his family finds him!

We have no exciting plans for this weekend, but are hoping to relax and maybe drive around the island a bit. We'll let you know if anything exciting happens!


The old guy was thirsty

He was very friendly

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