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Hey Everyone. It's Matt.

Amy is in Dallas for a wedding, and with our cottage starting to get cleaned up, I have some more time, and thought I would give you all a little look at my new job.

My official title is Coordinator of Recruiting and Eligibility. I am absolutely loving it so far. I get to work with pretty much everyone in the department on a daily basis, coaches, student-athletes, administrators, and upper campus. I also am on the phone with the NCAA quite a bit everyday to check on eligbility status and clarify rules and interpretations.

There is quite a lot of paperwork and analyis involved, which I actually enjoy most of the time (it's a lot problem solving, rather than straight clerical work). I share an office with one of our marketing coordinators, Andrea.

One of my favorite aspects of the job is interacting with everyone. I spend half the day at my desk, but the other half is moving up and about, checking in with everyone on the status of student-athletes and recruits.

There are some pictures below. When I get some time, I will take some pics of the campus, which is gigantic (over 2 square miles). Our cottage should be totally cleaned/painted in a week and we will show you around once it's done. Talk to you later.


One of the entrances to Stony Brook University. It's a beautiful campus, lots of open land.

Here is the Indoor Sports Complex. It houses the Basketball Arena, Volleyball Arena, Swimming Pool, Racquet Ball Courts, Squash Courts, Student-Athlete Academic Services Center, Weight Room, Locker Rooms, Training Room, Coaching Offices (except football/lacrosse) and the Administrative Offices where I work. The part you see is the basketball arena, which is about to undergo a $20 million remodel.

The commons in the Indoor Sports Complex. This will undergo changes as part of the basketball arena remodel.

Here is the inside of the basketball arena. It is about to undergo a major remodel. Since going Division I in 1998, Stony Brook has made a ton of changes to build a successful athletic department, with over $100 million in new/pending facilities. They have already built a new football stadium and Student-Athlete Academic Services Center, they are about to begin construction on the remodelled basketball arena, and they are currently planning a new Student Recreation Center and Baseball Field. Joe Nathan, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, and Stony Brook Alum, just donated $500,000 for the baseball field a few days ago. It's really exciting to see all the changes taking place.

Brand new Student-Athlete Academic Services center (finished in 2005). This is the main meeting room. It also has advisor offices, tutoring rooms, a computer lab and the staff kitchen.

Step into my office... (well, mine and Andrea's office, I work right next to our marketing coordinator).

Here is the view from my window. On your right is the Physics/Math building. The Math department will be moving, as they just got a $60 million dollar donation for a new math/geometry facility.

My luxury accomodations.

I made a really good friend in the athletic department. His name is Paperwork. We do everything together.

Hard at work (I'm actually working on the Cross Country/Track and Field rosters here)

This is me and Donna Woodruff, our Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator. She's my supervisor until we get a new Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance. She's a lot of fun to work with, I'm probably in her office 19 or 20 times a day. The book she is holding is the NCAA Division I Compliance Manual. It's 800 pages of goodness!

mmmmmmmmmm, sandwiches! (little do I know, I'm about to burn myself because I'm an idiot and I shoved my hand in a hot toaster oven).

Today's weather included downpour, thunderstorms, flash flood warnings, tornado warnings (I kid you not) and even some sunshine. These poor chaps will have to swim to their cars.

Lara Child  – (August 18, 2008 at 11:06 AM)  

Congrats Matt! Looks like a fun place to work. Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

Ramsey  – (August 18, 2008 at 7:56 PM)  

finally...I have been checking every 10 mins for the past 3 weeks waiting for you to post again.

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