Day Three: Fargo to Green Lake, WI

Chris, Julie, Andre, Matt, Amy and Hula in Green Lake, WI.

Today was the shortest of driving days- only 9 hours in the Penske truck. We got a late start out of Fargo (we were tired) and Hula was sad to see that we were, yet again, spending the entire day seated in the cab. It was Matt's turn to pick the audio book, so we suffered through "Real Estate for Dummies"- I kid you not. Amy managed to sleep through most of it.

We quickly passed into Minnesota. Matt loves Minnesota, so he made us stop at the St. Paul Cathedral (see pic with Hula). Amy had just woken up from a nap at this point and was too grumpy to take a picture.

Since Minnesota is pretty small width wise, we passed into Wisconsin shortly after and made our way to Matt's Aunt Julie's home in Green Lake. It is absolutely gorgeous out here! They have two wonderful Golden Retrievers, Emily and Willy, two horses, and a guinea pig. We ate a delicious dinner with Julie, Chris, and Andre before getting the grand tour of idyllic Green Lake and stopping for ice-cream. We are so lucky to get a home-cooked meal and time visiting with family tonight- thank you Julie, Chris, and Andre!

Tomorrow is a long day for us (we're driving through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and finishing up halfway across Pennsylvania) and we're hoping to make it in by mid-night!

Matt and Hula in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in St. Paul, MN.

Anonymous –   – (July 25, 2008 at 1:49 AM)  

Thanks for mentioning you will be seeing me on your way through Chicago. So RUDE

Lara Child  – (July 25, 2008 at 7:59 AM)  

Real Estate for Dummies audiobook? Seriously?

Kim  – (July 25, 2008 at 2:33 PM)  

I love the book choice Matt - I can't wait to hear what's next. Amy did you get to nomiate Charlotte's Web?

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