Day 3 and 1/2

Amy and brother Tommy in Chicago

Hey All,

It's 5Am and we just got into Milesburg, and we are very tired so this will be short. We had a late start in Green Lake, WI, and then stopped by to see Amy's brother, Tommy, in Chicago.

After lunch with Tommy, we got stuck in some rough rush hour traffic in Chicago. 12 hours and four states later, we have finally arrived here in Milesburg and are 5 hours from our final destination. We will get a brief three hour rest here in Milesburg before we head out for a busy day tomorrow and then sleep until Sunday evening.

We will blog more later, but are really tired right now.

Good Night (or should I say Morning)

Check out Matt's parallel parking job with the big rig!

Hula was feeling the heat in Chicago

Lara Child  – (July 28, 2008 at 8:50 AM)  

WOW! That's some amazing parallel parking - I am very impressed!

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