For so many reasons, Christmas just isn't the same for us this year.  There are the crummy reasons (we don't know anyone here, we didn't do any Christmas decorating, it's 60 degrees outside, etc) and the wonderful reasons (we've been looking for a permanent home, we're occupied with becoming parents, Matt started a great job, etc).  I think the biggest reason we're Scrooges is because we're utterly worn-out and exhausted.  

The past 4 months have been a whirl-wind for us.  September was full of scheduled injections, daily dr appointments (some in NYC), and me being out of commission with painfully enlarged ovaries.  The first month of pregnancy followed with me sleeping 12-14 hrs/day and trying to adjust to the mix of pregnancy/IVF hormones (aka: I was crazy).  Matt's interview at Stanford and subsequent job offer took up the rest of October, and then there was the packing/move across the country that was November (and keep in mind, Matt had to continue giving me daily hormone injections until the end of November).  Everything was scheduled, planned, and absolutely nuts around our house.  There was so much to juggle... one minute we would be reveling in the fact that we heard a heartbeat, and the next we would be arguing over how to best pack the toaster.  And then I would nap because I had absolutely no energy.  Even though these are all absolutely wonderful things happening in our life, they are taxing: we're having a difficult time expending any energy to be merry and bright.  We just want life somewhat back-to-normal.

But today we had to suck-it-up and be merry: like it or not, it was Christmas in our home! Since we leave Tuesday for Seattle, we celebrated early: it's easier than dragging everything on the plane, only to drag it all back a few days later.  We slept in, watched Christmas movies, ate split-pea soup (it's Christmas-y because it's green...), and opened presents beside our mini-Safeway Christmas tree.  By no means was it the Christmas of our dreams, but we'll have plenty of those in our future (complete with our little Francklit).  We can't wait to get to Seattle on Tuesday and see everyone.  It'll finally give us space to relax and enjoy the Christmas season...

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