Port Jefferson

Now that you know that we don't live in NYC, we can tell you more about where we actually do live. We are currently calling Port Jefferson our home. It's a small, coastal village on the North Shore of Long Island. Our town is darling, and a bit like Friday Harbor in the San Juans: it's small but busy, it's on the water, and it has a ferry (to Connecticut, of all places). In the summer, it's busy with tourists; in the winter, it's quiet and peaceful. We have a charming harbor hotel called "Danfords", which reminds us of the one in Roche Harbor. When we moved here, people were surprised that we hadn't heard of Port Jefferson. On 9/11, the Port Jefferson ferry was the only way off of the island for awhile, and gained national attention.

Port Jefferson Harbor and Village

Unlike Friday Harbor, our town has chains, like Gap and Starbucks. Port Jefferson is very community oriented and has fun things like an ice skating rink, yoga classes, and free parking for village residents.

Boats in the harbor during the summer. We are looking forward to the village beaches this summer!

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