Happy New Year!!

We rang 2009 at home with snow, yummy food, the Wii, and our wonderful Hula! When Matt finally got home, we picked up a bit and then I started on our meal (http://amyfranck.blogspot.com/) and we enjoyed the evening together. We didn't get any pics of us playing the Wii but, here is what do have:

Poor Matt twisted his ankle on his run home, so he had to wear hiking boots to keep it still all night!

Amy and Hula sledding down the hill- yes, I am sledding in my skirt!

We ran into the house :)

Even with a hurt ankle, Matt couldn't resist the small amount of snow that we got yesterday.

Hula just LOVES snow!! It's so cute :)

We are starting on a list of resolutions... so far all we have is:
1. Go on more dates
2. Start a compost bin (our neighbors won't know what to do with the Seattle hippies... if only they knew how non-hippie we are!)
3. Get the house organized and settled- this will be happening this week, or I will lost my mind!!!
Happy, happy New Year!!

Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy  – (January 1, 2009 at 3:56 PM)  

yall are soooo cute!!! im thinking about planning a girls night/afternoon to go see bride wars...interested?

The George Family  – (January 4, 2009 at 6:58 PM)  

Your pics sledding in your skirt crack me up!

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