The Turkey-Less Turkey Trot

Matt decided to try his luck in SBU's 5K Turkey Trot on Sunday. After researching last year's results, he was a bit nervous... there are a few fast runners in the area! But, he went for it anyway, running through the cold and the wind. At the end of the race, the runners appear over a hill and then run into the finish line. I (Amy) was yelling and cheering as I saw Matt be the first runner over the hill and win the race!!!!!

Pre-race stretching... next stop: Rockettes!

Matt usually plays everything by ear, but I was so proud of him for actually asking the organizer where the course went and what it looked like. Granted, this conversation took place about 2 minutes before the race start...

Running down the final hill towards victory!

Running past me cheering for him :)

Happy with the win!

Matt's trophy, which is now in his office. When they were announcing the winners, everyone was in awe and wonder at his fast time (17:54 for 3.1 miles)!

I (Amy) also won a Turkey Trot, but it was about 18 years ago back in Atlanta. Instead of a trophy, I won a turkey!! I remember being SO excited to have won my family's Thanksgiving turkey. However, Tommy (who did not win the turkey trot) managed to win the race's raffle for a turkey that same year, so my excitement was very short-lived. I just assumed that all turkey-trots gave out turkeys to the winner; Hula and I were very excited to roast a turkey tomorrow. But, to be honest, I don't think a turkey would have fit in our itty-bitty oven, so it's probably better that Matt has a trophy instead!

Congrats, Matt!

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