Merry (early) Christmas!

Note: We, in no way, mean to offend anyone with this post. We are just having fun and making due with what we have :) We believe in the sancity of Christmas and do not mean to diminish it. This pic was taken in our cottage; when we are back from Paris, we will post new home picture!

I (Amy) have wanted a nice and cute nativity scene for years but haven't quite found the right one, yet. And, I refuse to pay for a cheesy and cheap nativity scene. SO, this year I made this nativity scene from a box and used our favorite ornaments as the figurines (we don't have a tree this year because we have no space). No, it's not my ideal space, and Yes- it will be gone on 12/26.

The Players:

Three Wise Men: Snowman, Hoops, and YoYo
Baby Jesus: Kenny
Joseph: Stan
Mary: Kyle
Gabriel: Cartman
Manger Animals: T-Rex, Elephant, Grinch

Yes, they have a Christmas tree, maple leaf, and croquet set in the manger :)

Again, this was all in fun and created with joy. Hope you liked it!

Lara Child  – (December 4, 2008 at 12:04 PM)  

This is the best nativity scene EVER

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