Happy Birthday, Hula!!

Today is Hula's 3rd Birthday!! We will be celebrating with a special, doggy cup-cake after dinner tonight. In honor of the birthday girl, we wanted to share a video of her and her new friend, Hedgie. When Amy was visiting Lara and Sam last week in London, they gave her a cute, little Hedgehog stuffed animal. When Amy unpacked it, Hula claimed it for her own!! Hula treats Hedgie like her other favorite toys, Duckers and Giraffers. She picks them up, shakes them, and then chews.

Thanks for the hospitality and for Hedgie, Lara and Sam!! And to our sweet Hula, Happy Birthday!!

Ramsey  – (October 24, 2008 at 1:30 PM)  

she is 21 in doggie years...give her a doggie beer

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